Step 3. Vulnerability Assessment

A Productivity Susceptibility Analysis (PSA) was conducted on 29 fish species targeted by the finfish fishery to assess the vulnerability of each species. This analysis takes into account the productivity of each stock (based on life history information from FishBase, local expertise, and literature review) and the susceptibility of each stock (based on information from FishBase, literature review, and communications with local stakeholders).

The table below shows the results of this analysis for these 29 finfish species. Several species were all found to have medium vulnerability and risk, including several species of snapper (Dog snapper, schoolmaster, silk snapper), hogfish, and king mackerel. Goliath grouper, Nassau grouper, and red snapper were all found to have high vulnerability and risk. It should be noted that this analysis is simply meant to provide a high-level view of potential risk and to prioritize stocks for further analysis. This tool should be used in conjunction with more robust and targeted assessment methods whenever possible.

PSA results for 29 finfish species: