Step 6. Performance Indicators

Three performance indicators have been identified to monitor and assess the status of Nassau grouper, red snapper and the Goliath grouper in the nearshore multi-species tropical reef fish fishery:

  • MPA density ratio,
  • total catch from the previous season, and
  • fishing mortality.

These performance indicators were identified during a stakeholder working group that included representatives from the government, fishing community and the tourist industry. These indicators were chosen from a larger set of indicators that included density, CPUE, density ratio, depletion estimate, maturity, export trends, and market trends. The three selected performance indicators were chosen because they are feasible to collect data on, and to work with, they provide information about the status the fishery on an individual and multi-species level, and they represent two different data streams in order to gain a more complete understanding of the fishery and to reduce uncertainty associated with any one data stream and support the fishery reform goals.