Step 5: Prioritization

After vulnerability scores have been determined in Step 3, and a preliminary stock status assessment has been conducted in Step 4, the fifth step of the FISHE process combines this information to produce management guidance for each combination of vulnerability and status levels (e.g., low vulnerability/high status; medium vulnerability/medium status; etc.). An example of this approach is given in the table below, however conversations with local fishery stakeholders and managers are recommended to determine appropriate prioritization levels and correct management guidance for each cell in the table. Management guidance will vary depending on the value of the stock for fishing and for other uses (e.g., tourism, recreational fishing or ecological role), risk tolerance and special status (i.e., threatened or endangered species).

Using the vulnerability scores from Step 3 and the status deteriminations from Step 4, fill out the table in Step 5 of your workbook to help prioritize your target species for further assessment and precautionary management.

FISHE Step 5 Prioritization Matrix