The Method Matrix contains all the assessment methods presented within the FISHE process, organized by what types of data they require, and what management questions they can help answer. The Matrix can help you determine which methods are currently available to you based on the data you already have, and can suggest areas to focus additional data collection efforts in order to answer additional questions. There are two versions of the Method Matrix – a “paper” version, which can be downloaded from the link to the right (PDF), and an interactive web tool version, which you can use below.

**Interactive Method Matrix Tool coming soon! In the meantime, try the downloadable PDF!**

There are 5 pages in the PDF version of the Method Matrix. You will find all of the assessment methods included at Steps 1, 3, and 4 of FISHE on the first page, and all of the Step 5 and 9 methods on the second page. Pages 3, 4, and 5 provide “zoomed in” views of the Page 2 methods, one management question at a time. 

On each page, methods are listed across the top of the table while data streams are listed down the left side. Above the methods you'll find examples of management questions that the methods can help answer (which are further broken down into specific management-relevant information on Pages 1, 3, 4, and 5).

Within the tables, checkmarks indicate which types of data are needed to conduct each method. Some methods can substitute one type of data for another, so in some cases a method may have checkmarks next to two types of data when one or the other will suffice. Additionally, some methods can help answer additional questions with additional data. These “nice to have” data streams are indicated with purple check marks. For more information and further clarity, be sure to read the information provided for each method in the corresponding step of the FISHE framework.