Step 11. Implementation and Adaptation

The Stakeholders used the FISHE process to implement science to action for their nearshore multispecies fishery. They plan to revisit the FISHE process every two years to assess and adapt data streams, data collection, fish basket makeup, performance indicators, reference points, assessment methods, and harvest control rules and measures. This adaptive management decision-making schedule will allow fishery stakeholders to improve their decisions over time, and respond to both current and future conditions with climate change.

case study management measures

During the initial assessment of the fishery, data to conduct fishery assessments were limited for each of the representative species for the four fish baskets. Working with local stakeholders, managers developed a data collection system that will help to continuously improve the quality and quantity of data available for assessment and management resulting in an expanded data stream over time. The expanded data stream will include information on catch-per-unit effort (CPUE) and a larger sample size of length data from the catch. These data can be used to determine additional methods to use from the method matrix, for a reassessment of the fishery and development of adaptive management measures.